What’s a Dreamcatcher?

Legend of the Dreamcatcher : It is believed that dreams , both good and bad, float through the air all day and night searching for their destinations. While sleeping under a dream catcher , one may feel secure that bad dreams , being confused and ill intention-ed get caught in the web to perish with the first…

What’s Hózhó?

Balance, order, harmony, beauty, ideal, goodness, symmetry, health, happiness, satisfaction, perfection, wholeness, blessedness all in one holistic dynamic concept and process, best describes Hózhó. We found our Hózhó in creating these beautiful Dream catchers for you all and are thrilled to bring to you our handmade, fascinating and beautiful creations of Dream catchers in various…

What a Dreamcatcher is NOT?

A dreamcatcher is not a religious totem. It is religion agnostic and is neutral across all faiths. A dreamcatcher reflects your inner peace and beauty and is a symbol of your own well wishes. A dreamcatcher is not a ‘vaastu’ totem. It does not matter where you place the dreamcatcher in your home or your vehicle….

Why get yourself a Hózhó Dreamcatcher?

Hand-woven with a lot of love, imparting significance & purpose, free of animal cruelty, without using real bird feathers…Each Hózhó dream catcher has a story to tell…


Dreamcatchers, Jewelry, Earrings, Bag tags, Bookmarks, Key chains, Valentine expressions, Car hangers


While we work on bringing you a brand new collection, please take a moment to go through our existing artwork.

Hózhó Exclusive – The Bell

he immensely popular dreamcatcher that has a five layered weave with a multi colored thread. Bells are considered auspicious and ring in positivity all the time. A perfect gift for a new home ♡ Call now to order : 9923334246 / 9960611025 Write to us at : buy@myhozho.com

Hózhó Exclusive – Love, Peace, Hózhó

The signature dreamcatcher – a complete white ensemble that depicts purity, piousness, love, peace, happiness, beauty – all forming a good balance, to become your own Hózhó – gift it to your closest, dearest person or to your own self ♡ Call now to order : 9923334246 / 9960611025 Write to us at : buy@myhozho.com

Cultural Appropriation

Recently, it has been pointed out to us by a lady on Instagram that using the word Hozho and creating Dreamcatchers with that as the prefix, plus creating and selling Dreamcatchers amounts to “cultural appropriation” and is offensive and should be discouraged. We do not necessarily agree with her methods of starting a “social movement”…